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Our Story:

Waldo Services, serving the Texas Hill Country, family owned and operated by Rick Knipe and LeAnn Lloyd; two local Smithson Valley/Texas State graduates.  We were over the corporate grind and decided to invest in ourselves and our community by starting a local brand offering removal services and home reno/handyman services.

Our story started when we both lost close family members in the same week.  We were given the task to clean out their homes...As you can imagine no one wants to clean out the home of a lost loved one but the task remains. 

After pitching many business ideas to each other we stepped back and looked at the whole picture...What strengths do each of us bring tothe table, what weaknesses, what dreams and ambitions, what makes us happy, what are we passionate about??  We looked at all of our assets and decided to start the Waldo Brand.

HOA on your tail? 

Bought a fixer upper?   

Landscaping make-over? 

Abandoned properly?

Disrescpectful renters?

Construction debris?

Tree removal?


Call us for all your clean out and fix-it needs!!

830-708-2625 for a free quote!!



Site Construction:

Currently Under Construction: Thank you for your patience.

Please call us at 830-708-2625 or

email us at waldoremoval@gmail.com